Radio Applications

Digital technologies have taken the world by storm, and two-way radios are benefiting from a new range of capabilities. Digital applications, or apps, are one of the most exciting developments in digital two-way technology, and are changing the face of two-way radio communications.

Endless Possibilities

Many of us are familiar with using apps on our smart-phones. Thanks to the innovation of Motorola technologies, the convenience and functionality of these apps now seamlessly integrate into your Motorola digital two-way radio system. Existing apps provide functionality for:

  • Advanced messaging
  • Database queries
  • Automation
  • Alarm systems
  • Over-the-air rekeying
  • Smart-phone integration

Endless Benefits

The benefits of two-way radio apps are as wide-reaching as the apps themselves. Increased communication and ease of access to information drives down management costs whilst driving up employee productivity. Apps dedicated to improving safety, security and network performance are improving workplaces and workflow.

Two-way radio apps are increasingly being developed to suit specific business needs, as opposed to organisations working around the standard apps to make them fit.

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Digital Two-way Radio: An Investment in the Future

Analogue radio works well, and proves itself every day in countless deployments around the world. However, analog two-way radio has reached the limits of innovations.

Many enterprises are finding they need more than the fundamentals that analogue two-way radio delivers. Perhaps their licensed channels are becoming crowded and they need more capacity. Perhaps they need more flexible ways to communicate with users both inside and outside the work team. Perhaps they need access to data in combination with voice to improve responsiveness and productivity. Digital radio provides a powerful, flexible platform that professional organisations can adapt to meet these needs and more.

Digital apps run seamlessly on our full range of digital Motorola two-way devices. By migrating from analogue to digital two-way radio communications, you can fill many of these needs immediately and build a strong technical foundation for adding new functionality to meet new needs in the future.

With a wealth of experience in both digital and analogue two-way radios, CSE Crosscom is perfectly placed to help you transition from analogue to digital for a future-proof business communications solution.

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