Communication in the security industry is unique to every contract, site and operational need. We understand that your security team need to respond quickly to accidents, disturbances, or theft and that instant, discreet and professional communication is critical to your operation.

CSE Crosscom can provide a two-way radio solution appropriate for your needs. We recommend industry leading Motorola two-way radios to safely deliver higher levels faster response times and improved officer safety.

Two way radio benefits for security:

• Exceptional audio clarity
• Covert mode, vibrate alert and Intelligent Audio for discreet communications
• Emergency features for enhanced worker safety
• Rugged MIL spec equipment to withstand weather extremes
• Remote Speaker Microphones
• Durable equipment that lasts 10-15 years
• Programmable option buttons
• Integrated Bluetooth®
• Digital radios capable of apps including text and email
• Integrated GPS and location tracking software
• Systems designed for on-site, wide area, and multi-site applications
• Batteries that last throughout a work shift

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Why MOTOTRBO Two-way Radio for Security?

Communicate clearly with exceptional audio

Communicating throughout your entire patrol area is vital to safety. And MOTOTRBO’s digital technology can make all the difference. It produces clearer voice communications over a wider area than comparable analog radios that lose signal strength with distance and create distracting static. MOTOTRBO accurately delivers both voice and data with virtually no loss throughout your entire coverage area.

Prioritise communication immediately

Emergencies do happen and you need to connect with your team when they do. MOTOTRBO’s transmit interrupt suite – with voice interrupt, emergency voice interrupt and data over voice interrupt – enables you to prioritise critical communication the moment you need it.

Speed operations and strengthen security

MOTOTRBO’s integrated Bluetooth® and GPS module helps monitor the location of your team, allowing you to identify and send the nearest officer to the scene when issues or an emergency arise, speeding response time.

Hands-free portability

Carry accessories make it simple for officers to clip their radio onto a belt, and earpieces allow them to talk without holding the radio.

Built tough

MOTOTRBO digital radios meet demanding specifications for submersion in water, as well as military standards for durability and reliability.

Solutions like MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios enable voice communication, text messaging, location tracking, and dispatch in large, busy environments. View MOTOTRBO™ portable radios and mobile radios.

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