With material and labor costs increasing, profit margins decreasing and response times getting tighter, manufacturers need to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency to stay profitable.

CSE Crosscom provide two-way radio solutions that will give you an edge in performance for virtually any manufacturing or warehouse facility. We recommend industry leading Motorola two-way radios, to get more done with fewer workers, avoid costly mistakes, finish projects faster, increase worker safety and maintain constant contact with and among workers in noisy environments.

Two way radio benefits for manufacturing:

• Reduced assembly time
• Immediate production updates
• Fast loading dock coordination
• Smooth shift changes
• Quick coordination and response to emergencies
• Emergency features for enhanced worker safety and security
• Durable equipment that lasts 10-15 years
• Programmable option buttons
• Systems designed for on-site, wide area, and multi-site applications
• Digital radios capable of apps including GPS, text, and email
• Batteries that last throughout a work shift
• Increased calling capacity on a single license

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Why MOTOTRBO Two-way Radio for Manufacturing

Enhance worker safety and liability
Workers can coordinate quickly and respond to accidents or emergencies.

Increase speed and efficiency
Managers can maintain constant contact with and among workers to mobilise them and get tasks completed faster.

Boost profit margins
Two-way radios enable work crews to stay focused on the job at hand, work more efficiently and keep projects moving.

Avoid costly mistakes
With improved communication, production managers can instantly contact department personnel for immediate updates and enable coordination of loading dock operation by mobilising the team when a shipment arrives.

Built tough
MOTOTRBO digital radios meet demanding specifications for submersion in water, as well as military standards for durability and reliability.

Track location
When used with a location tracking application, integrated GPS allows site supervisors to track the location of workers, locate supplies, and plan deliveries on or between job sites quickly.

Communicate in loud environments
MOTOTRBO radios overcome the noise of a busy manufacturing plant with noise suppression technology that limits background noise. And when paired with Motorola’s IMPRES audio accessories, noise suppression is increased even further. And when traditional voice communication is simply not possible, text messaging provides an effective alternative.

Solutions like MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios enable voice communication, text messaging, location tracking, and dispatch in large, busy environments such as large manufacturing plants. View MOTOTRBO™ portable radios and mobile radios.

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